FML/LOL: New & Not Improved is the reopening of Los Angeles artist Gabriel Lacktman’s solo exhibition as re-imagined by his chosen collaborators Insurgency Inc. The exhibit, created exclusively for Kansas City, celebrates the doom of modern society through satire and dark comedy.

Lacktman’s FML/LOL opened in Kansas City on September 6th, 2013 and is set to re-open featuring additional works by Insurgency Inc under the name FML/LOL: New & Not Improved on October 4th, 2013 at Kultured Chameleon Gallery.

Kultured Chameleon Gallery is located at 1739 Oak St. in downtown Kansas City, MO and is open Tuesday – Sunday. FML/LOL opens October 4th will run through the month of October.

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Gabriel Lacktman’s new body of work is an explorative focus on society’s often hypocritical means of problem solving, ranging from sardonic, witty, slapstick, sarcastic to outright quirky cultural references. His is an inquisitive and light-hearted showcase of work. Insurgency Inc’s additions and re-imaginings reflect the darker side of the FML/LOL concept and play upon modern life in urban environments and it’s often hypocritical and superfluous mindset.  Via re-appropriation of imagery and propaganda influenced pieces, Insurgency Inc let’s the viewer decide what part of their life is ridiculed and deemed unimportant.

Check out images from the September 6th opening featuring Lacktman’s work here.

Lacktman, of the talented The $tatus Faction crew, is a full-time graphic designer and a well-respected graffiti artist. His graffiti work can be found in Florida, Boston, Los Angeles and now Kansas City. The artist holds a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and his work has appeared in Juxtapoz, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, L.A. Canvas Magazine, Fecal Face, Nylon Magazine, Brand X and L.A. Taco. His art has been featured at Warner Bros’ Records,  Maximillian Gallery at The Sunset Marquis Hollywood, The House of Blues Sunset Blvd., Bomit, Crewest Gallery and Hold-Up Art, Los Angeles within this past year. He has collaborated on projects with TOMS Shoes, Warner Bros Records, ACTIVE Ride Shop, Red Bull and Dangerbird Records to name a few. In addition to self-publishing a book in 2010, Lacktman was featured in Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art by Jim Daichendt which was released in 2012. Coinciding with the opening of FML/LOL, Lacktman’s first auto-biographical writing will be published in Art Education Journal’s September 2013 issue. The $tatus Faction (T$F),  based in Hollywood, California and established in 2007, is a well-known and respected multi-dimensional collective comprised of artists, designers, and elite creative individuals. Lacktman is a co-founder T$F.

Insurgency Inc is a Los Angeles based art collective that pulls together the talents of unique individuals from varying disciplines such as painting, fashion, photography, writing and numerous other visual arts.  Having launched their mission in 2008 via t-shirts for the homeless, the movement soon morphed into an online site featuring the rants, raves, photos and inspired writings from it’s members though-out the country. Primarily focused on spreading their mission via writing, street art came naturally to them in late 2010 as a means of advertising their online presence and it soon morphed into an outlet of image-based artistic expression as an extension of their teachings. The artists claim their existence was “born out of the need to combat societal apathy.”  Insurgency Inc’s work has been featured at various venues in Los Angeles including Hold-Up Art, Bomit Street Art Pop-Up, Maximillian Gallery at The Sunset Marquis,  and The Standard Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.  They have been featured in Guerrilla 24, The Dirt Floor, Citizen LA and Los Angeles Magazine in addition to others.  Their street art can be seen in the book Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art by Jim Daichendt which was released in 2012.  Insurgency Inc claims to be founded by Abdul Malik and he is the only “named” member.  All other members remain anonymous but the crew is said to currently have six to ten members based out of Los Angeles, New York City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, MO and Detroit, MI.

Kultured Chameleon Gallery, located in the heart of Kansas City’s Crossroad’s Art District, is the Midwest’s premiere street art gallery & graffiti shop. The gallery showcases the best established and emerging urban talent including graffiti writers, street artists, muralists, and urban designers. FML/LOL is curated by Wil Atkinson and Jessica Jones of The Rynham.


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