The i-i is a multidisciplinary platform for launching, promoting and supporting concepts, projects and businesses. The i-i offers business consultation and analyzation, brand and marketing development, event and exhibition curation, development and production and social media services.

The i-i is spearheaded by JB Jones. JB was co-founder of the Los Angeles based street art gallery and artists’ platform The Site Unscene in 2009, and was a leader in helping to establish street art as a legitimate force in the LA gallery scene in the early 2000’s. She currently operates The i-i and uses the platform to foster ambitious projects for her clients in art, fashion, jewelry and retail. She recently launched Promotional Materials, a blog devoted to non-academic conversations with emerging artists about their formal practice and its’ role outside of the gallery world. She currently resides in NYC.

For more information, please contact JB here.